Siphokazi Jonas was commissioned as a praise poet for the March 2023 UCT graduation ceremonies

Reflections in a few pictures of Siphokazi Jonas at the UCT Graduations in March

Siphokazi Jonas was commissioned as a praise poet for the March 2023 UCT graduation ceremonies, and the feedback has been stellar.

More than 5000 students graduated during the 15 ceremonies, which took place over five days.

The work reached approximately 30 000 people in person and online.

As reported by UCT News

“Jonas, a celebrated producer, writer, poet and performer, wrote and performed the poem especially for the graduation ceremony. Her poem’s inspiring refrain, “May everybody live their dreams,” resonated well with those in attendance.”

Newly minted UCT graduates put best fashion foot forward – University of Cape Town News

The University of Cape Town’s Sarah Baartman Hall was a hive of activity over the past week, with cheerful family members and friends bursting into ululations, cheers and applause as the March 2023 cohort of graduates was capped over a bumper 15 ceremonies.

Interim vice-chancellor, Emeritus Professor Daya Reddy, urged graduates to remember that the ties that bind us are our love and well-wishes for South Africa.

“We are sending you into a world that desperately needs your kind of leadership. We are beset with massive problems of poverty and inequality at a national level,” said Emeritus Professor Reddy.

The stars of the show, over 5 000 of them from UCT’s faculties, gave way to their magical moment with fists of triumph held aloft, passionate waves and ululation.

“You have become the wildest fulfilment of childhood belief,” eulogised praise singer Siphokazi Jonas ahead of the ceremonies.

An enthusiastic attendee with raised fist stood up while his loved one was being capped, and excitedly exclaimed, “Yes!” Another family member of a newly adorned graduate shouted “Hallelujah!” to which the assembly replied: “Amen”, in a pleasant show of endearment.
Graduates put their best foot forward during UCT’s March graduation.

To usher in the milestone, the fabulous fashion on display grabbed attention. Graduates paid tribute to heritage and family with their chosen outfits.

Outside the Sarah Baartman Hall, Faculty of Commerce graduate Hanna Kuruneri and her family paid homage to her lineage with a fusion of Ethiopian crosses on her late father’s shirt, amalgamating their east African heritage and Zimbabwean lineage.

Indeed, the steps outside the Sarah Baartman Hall were a motley of colour, warm embraces, and wholesome shouts of congratulations.

The scenes of jubilation were best summed up by Jonas’ praise when she said :

“ndinombono belungiselela olusuku ingathi ngabantwana bevuyela impahla zeKrisimesi. Izihlobo nezalamane sincame konke, zisuka mbhombho zonke zomhlaba bezovuyisana nani; beqhayisela abamelwane … kuba kaloku amaphupho afezekile, izinto zijikile, lambiza ibiseziko ivuthiwe, ngoku litheko”

(I have a vision of family and friends gearing up for this day like children happy at the sight of their bespoke Christmas attire.

Friends and family have sacrificed from across the country and universe to be here, telling all and sundry about the joyous occasion because dreams have been fulfilled.

The slow cooked pot of your work is ready to be served. It is a celebration!

Best fashion foot forward – University of Cape Town News

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