Cape Town Collaborative who met at Music Exchange have put together a special track titled “I Am Woman”

Epiphany Band
Epiphany Band

The month of August is dedicated to all women in South Africa.  In celebration of Woman’s Month, Cape Town Collaborative have put together a special track  titled “I Am Woman”.

It available as a free download, on their Reverbnation Page –

Valentino van der Schyff and Tina Gordon are a male and female duo called Epiphany, who have put together a project called  The Cape Town Collaborative.

Epiphany have always wanted to write a song in honour of women and decided to get in touch with artists they met at Music Exchange this year.

The artists who feature in this track are:  Valentino van der Schyff, Tina Gordon, Ronald Jones, Angelo ‘Ello’ Bagley, Clint Brink, Siphokazi Jonas and Antholeen Petersen .

Tina recalls writing the song: “I wanted to write a song about women I admire and women others look up to.

It needed to be a powerful showing and an ode to all women of strength.  We attended an open mic event at Liquid Lime Studios hosted by PANSA, after receiving an invitation from Natalia Da Rocha.   It was at that moment we realised that we just had to complete the dedication to women in a composition we had in mind for so long.

Valentino explains:  “After attending Music Exchange in March 2014, I was taken aback by the valuable information gained and realised how much we still need to do in the South African music business.  Music Exchange has taught me so much and I’ve shared all of the knowledge gained with my partner in crime – Tina!  We got right into it.  Kept recording originals, kept writing songs, kept doing every single gig we possibly could.  After Music Exchange, my mind set has shifted and we have never looked back since.”

Future Projects – Epiphany are already onto their next track titled “My Favourite” which will definitely be released before the end of September, if not sooner!  For now, it is all about women and their Cape Town Collaborative tribute!

For more information contact:

Valentino van der Schyff – 071 902 5535  or  Martin Myers -083 448 4475

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